Sabudana Tikki or Tapioca Potato Patties are one of the easiest to cook and at the same time are full of flavour. In Northern parts of India Sabudana Tikkis are normally prepared and eaten during fast, however we like it so much that it serves as evening snacks at our home.

This recipe calls for less of spice and are shallow fried in a pan. Normally fresh cilantro leaves gives it an amazing flavour, however since I didn’t have fresh cilantro I used dried parsley leaves instead. I also didn’t have amchur/mango powder available at home so I used chat masala in place of that. The taste still remained intact and the patties came out crispy and delicious. I guess with time we learn the use of spices and also learn the art of replicating one for another 🙂

The patties are best relished with mint chutney , Cilantro & Garlic Chutney or  tomato ketchup and are often served with tea or coffee.

Serves : 2 or 4 people (makes 8 patties)


1 cup = 240 ml

  • ½ Cup Sabudana/Tapioca Pearls
  • 2 Medium size potatoes (boiled)
  • 1 Green chilli (finely chopped)
  • ½ tsp cumin powder
  • ½ tsp chat masala or amchur
  • salt
  • 1 tsp parlsley leaves (dried)
  • 1 ½ tbs Bread Crumbs
  • Oil for shallow frying

Cooking instructions – How to prepare Sabudana Tikki/Tapioca Potato Patties

Rinse and soak sabudana/Tapioca pearls. Depending on the quality of the pearls you can soak them for 5-6 hours or even a couple of hours. After soaking, the pearls should become soft and break easily when pressed. Soak for some more time, if the pearls do not break easily while pressing.

I soaked for 2 hours and the pearls were pretty soft on pressing.


Once the sabudana is soft drain them in a strainer.


Now mix all the ingredients in the ingredient list (except oil). Mix them well to achieve uniformity of spices throughout.


Divide the mixture into 8 equal parts and form small balls out of it. Press the ball  to form patties. The patties should be appx. 1/3 inches thick. If the patties are thicker they will only cook from outside and feel raw inside.


Place a pan on stove and grease it with oil.


Place the patties in hot pan in low-medium flame.


After a couple of minutes flip the patties. Press the patties a little and let them cook in low-medium flame.


Flip once again. You will see patties getting golden brown.


Flip a couple of more times till they cook completely and are golden brownish in colour.


Drain the patties on paper towel to remove excess oil. Repeat the above steps with the remaining patties.


Serve Sabudana Tikki aka Tapioca Pearl Patties with Pudina/Mint Chutney , Cilantro & Garlic Dip or  tomato ketchup.