What do you do when you have to loose that postpartum belly fat? Well you binge on more greens and proteins and less of carbs. So here is my attempt for a healthier lunch/ dinner option which consists of high-protein content quinoa and black eyed peas along with other veggies.

This salad bowl is a must try. Quinoa being high in protein, high in fibre content, very high in antioxidants and low in GI and black eyed peas a protein alternative option for non-meat eaters, this salad bowl is full of nutrition and power that your body needs to run through the day. You sure are going to make this again and again.

The recipe is quite simple. Cook Quinoa as per instructions. Boil the black eyed peas. (though the original recipes only specified for soaking the legume. But I somehow do not like the raw taste of it) Mix the ingredients and top it up with an Avocado dip (by making it a bit thinner) Tada!

To be frank I had no intentions of posting the recipe for Avocado Dip but it came out so amazing that I had to share the delicious recipe with all you folks out there.

Thanks for reading. I hope you guys enjoy the Salad bowl.

Serves – 2 people as Main Course

1 Cup = 240 ml


  • ½ cup Black Eyes peas. (Soaked and boiled)
  • ½ cup Quinoa
  • Roma Tomatoes (7-8 in numbers) sliced into halves
  • ½ Cucumber (chopped into quarters)
  • ¼ Capsicum (cut into thin strips or squares)
  • Pink Salt to taste
  • Black pepper sprinkle

Instructions – How to prepare Quinoa and Black Eyed Peas Salad

  1. Cook quinoa as per instructions on the packet (boiling it for some 10 minutes or until cooked) and then remove from heat. Drain the water completely and let it cool.
  2. Boil Black Eyed peas in a pressure cooker or by taking a pan and boiling it in water in low-medium heat, until soft and cooked. Once done drain the water completely and spread the beans to cool off.
  3. Now place capsicum, tomatoes and cucumber in a salad bowl. Mix in boiled black eyed peas and Quinoa into it. Sprinkle pink salt and black pepper.
  4. Pour Avocado Dip (by thinning it in water or lime juice/vinegar) over the salad and enjoy cold.



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