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About Me

Hi All ! I am Pooja. Cooking is my passion and I love sharing recipes. Well this was not the case until last June’15 when I moved to Melbourne after getting married. Varun (my husband) is the one who ignited this passion in me. He, having lived a decade abroad and being a big time foodie, would try different cuisines and different restaurants over the weekends to satisfy his taste buds and I being a small town girl (Nainital) and then later Delhi never went beyond masala dosa and gol Varun’s love for food made way for my experiments in the kitchen and I am glad it happened ‘coz cooking is a stress buster and a therapy for me now.

So, in the past year, I read different food blogs, consulted my mom, experimented in the kitchen, tweaked the suggested recipes, made mistakes and eventually got better with time. And then I decided to write a chronicle of all of the experiments done in my kitchen and share it with all of you food lovers.

Do check out the recipes and please do not forget to leave your comments or feedback. It’s always fun to interact with different people and exchange ideas. You can also drop in an email

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